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Why You Need a Streamlined Communications Solution

And How to Make the Switch

It’s Time to Work Smarter

Communications, notifications and information scattered across a variety of unlinked devices and applications cost the U.S. economy $650 billion annually, according to a study conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey. Further, it was noted that unified communications significantly chips away at these pervasive losses by linking disparate modes of communication and changing the way work gets done – saving as much as 20 minutes per employee daily due to efficiency gains. Comporium UC is an organization and business imperative.  

But simply acquiring the technology is not enough.  Carefully planning how best to promote widespread adoption ensures your UC benefits are fast-tracked and that you realize the full returns you expect from your investment.

Why Your Business Needs One System

With WhatsApp, Slack, Skype for Business and a host of other apps growing in popularity, there are more ways than ever to end up with a disjointed array of communications tools used by various individuals and teams across your workforce. That can lead to gaps and delays that impede work getting done.

mobile phone with UC

But there is a better way. With Comporium UC, you can access voice, video, voicemail, instant messaging, employee presence information, conferencing, and web collaboration through a single platform –significantly improving your productivity. Comporium UC also gives you a single interface for knitting together the various tools you use to perform your work, including office applications, enterprise software, team productivity tools, and even shared storage services such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

More Scalability, Redundancy and Power –

with Less Equipment

The expected productivity and cost benefits of Unified Communications solutions are a great driver for giving up your premises-based hardware (PBX) and making the move to the cloud. Comporium UC offers scalability and redundancy, as well as the ability to seamlessly access business communication capabilities from any mobile device. Employees at organizations of all sizes have the potential to be more efficient and to work with greater flexibility.

Consider all the steps involved with scheduling a traditional conference meeting. A modern UC solution can streamline each step of the process in comparison. It speeds up scheduling by integrating conferencing with popular calendar applications like Gmail. Click-to-join video conferencing capabilities simplify participation and provide high-quality audio and video. Participants, even if remote, can view content and interact during the conference using messaging. And recording options enable participation for those unable to attend the conference live. These are powerful features that make it faster and easier to get work done.

How Are These New Capabilities Made Possible?

Save your company money by completing projects faster using identity-based communication.

Traditional communication solutions are typically device-centric and are often limited to just voice. With Comporium UC, however, you call people, not devices. There is one assigned number per name, no matter if they’re calling from their computer, cell phone, or office phone. Communications can include text, voice or video – and the mode used can change throughout the conversation without interruption.

Collaborating with and contacting your colleagues has never been more simple with features such as:

Video Conferencing

Sometimes calling someone and simply hearing their voice is not enough. A conversation through video where you can see and read interactions are often more impactful. Consider using a video conference instead of wasting valuable time and money on travel. Interact in new ways through simultaneous video with multiple individuals as if you were all in the same room. This can be a game changer to get to know your customers or even solve a problem efficiently and cohesively.

Mobile Clients

Phone numbers remain company property, even though the device may not. Comporium UC eliminates the geographic restrictions of both work and the work phone. For example, many companies are now leveraging employee-owned mobile devices to cut their overall technology costs. A mobile client makes calls that originate from the employee device look as if they are made from an office phone instead. Employees can work from where they choose on their device of choice and keep their personal number private.

Multi-device Ringing

It’s easy for users to determine how they can be reached. Depending on user preference, one or many selected devices can ring simultaneously, in sequence, or by preference – fewer calls are missed and business gets done faster. Think of it as your phone following you around so that you never miss that important call!


Comporium UC allows you to display your current availability status on your instant messaging profile so others can see when you are available, busy, in a meeting, mobile or offline. By broadcasting your status, team members know when they can quickly ping you to get questions answered or when to check back later, all with fewer meetings, voicemail messages and emails. By chatting with your internal colleagues in the middle of important customer calls, for instance, your team can make important decisions without skipping a beat.

Flexible Features

for Increased Productivity

Comporium UC reduces IT administrative burdens by shifting technology investments and maintenance burdens to us – your trusted partner, Comporium. The alternative requires separate products, administration and integration services for IM, voice and video. Which one would your IT team rather manage? Comporium UC provides flexible features that increase productivity, manage rising costs, and provide your business with a highly adaptable working infrastructure that supports varying job roles, from contact center agents to field workers.

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